Meditation has no benefits when you do it incorrectly. Many of us give up on meditation because we have no idea that mindfulness is the key. A peaceful and thoughtless meditation works miracles. It increases your self-awareness, encourages a healthy lifestyle, reduces stress, relieves anxiety and depression, boosts your brain power, improves your immune system and does a lot more than we know or think.

Some studies even show that mindfulness meditation helps to slow the aging process. Practicing meditation regularly promotes happiness and improves overall well-being. Okay, we all know it. The question is, how to practice meditation correctly?

This was a question I asked myself the last week when I was about giving up on my meditation practices. Luckily, I found this incredibly useful infographic by Sam Mowe that I always keep handy. Without further ado, here are the most important ten steps to mindfulness meditation.

Infographic Source: The Garrison Institute

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