The first time I heard about the Pokemon Go app I thought people would go crazy about it. But I could not even think that this game would take the world by storm. Yes, I understand Pokemon toys, Pokemon-inspired nail arts and pieces of clothing and jewerly, but hey, Pokemon cars, trains and planes? That’s insane.

I remember the time when I was obsessed with Pokemon too, but I was a child and I did not have tons of Pokemon-related items. Now that I check my Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest and Instagram feeds, I do realize that Pokemon Go is not just viral, it is a kind of obsession. Here are the photos I found that prove that Pokemon Go takes the world by storm.

1. Even if you hate Pokemon you would like to have this Pikachu-inspired car

2. Take a trip by a Pokemon train

Photo: Happy Come

Photo: Happy Come

3. Pokemon birthday cakes are a thing right now

4. Hang out in the Pokemon bar

Photo: k_crosland

5. What? Is it a Pokemon plane?

Photo: Juan Carlos De Martin

6. Even small things like Pokemon cups can make the day


7. Can’t live without Pikachu? Invest in this bed


8. Pokemon makeup is already a viral Instagram beauty trend

A photo posted by ????Jessica???? (@zumbasal81) on Aug 1, 2016 at 12:30pm PDT

9. Pokemon tattoos are another trend to follow

10. Incorporate Pokemon-inspired food into your diet


These are definitely not all of the photos that prove Pokemon Go takes the world by storm. Pokemon are cute and popular so it is no wonder we are so obsessed with them, especially Pikachu. What is your favorite Pokemon? Do you have any Pokemon-related items?

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