Christmas is only weeks away at this point, and if you are a makeup geek like me, you love to incorporate glitter into your everyday makeup to embody the fun festivity of the biggest holiday of the year.

But you can only do so much with the same glitter eyeshadow over and over again, right? So here are ten new ways to rock glitter makeup that will have you shining bright like a Christmas light. Or, any other time of the year you want to shine!

1. Strobing


Instead of just using glitter on your lids, bump up that highlight, girl. Use your brightest highlight and grab some glitter and pack it on top. This will give you the strongest strobe and definitely some love from your other crazed Christmas gals.

2. Crazy Christmas Color


Why not decorate yourself since you have already decorated the tree? This look is bold and I mean bold. But if you can find the right colors for your skin tone – have at it!

3. Crystal Christmas

This one may take some time. And patience. But the end look is something no one around you will ever forget. Plus, who knew you could contour with crystals?

4. Glitter Glam Girl

This look is the embodiment of fun: colored hair, bright lips, and tons and tons of glitter. Why only do a highlight with glitter or some eyeshadow when you can coat your whole face in it and look like a glam Barbie while doing it?

5. Sultry Snowflakes

A photo posted by Stephanie (@stephluvslipstick) on Dec 4, 2016 at 10:16pm PST

Who knew snowflakes could add to a sultry look? Not me! But when you combine the shiny winter stars with a smoky eye and deep lip, they accentuate anything and everything glowing. Especially your highlight.

6. Miraculous Mistletoe

If you are an artist, you will adore this look. Paint on your favorite holiday plant (aka mistletoe), pop on some glitter and pigmented eyeshadow to match and you are good to go. Plus, you can convince everyone to kiss you because hey, it is mistletoe, right?

7. Delightful Duo

Pick your two favorite colors and create a sultry duo that every girl will envy. And adding glitter atop it will only pack an even more powerful, pretty punch.

8. Golden Goddess

Instead of topping your highlight with glitter, why not make your highlight all glitter? A golden, shimmery glitter will give you a bronzed look like a Grecian goddess that you will fall in love with and probably never want to take off. If you want to enhance the goddess glam even more, add some jewels to the mix and throw some glitter in your hair to glow even more.

9. Shining Stars


Instead of snowflakes, sprinkle stars on your look. Going bold with a golden lid and silver under the eye creates a beauty look not like any other I have ever seen. So if you can pull it off, you are the ultimate beauty queen in my book.

10. Bold Brows


Do not just leave the glam glitter on your lids, bring it up and into your brows for one of the most unique looks yet. You can keep the color just up top, or add some below for an even more bold of a look.

So if you are ready to glow like the sun, throw in your favorite glitter with one of these looks and shine. Glitter makeup is the thing right now, after all.

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