22 Sneaky Cats Caught Red-Handed With Their Hilarious Secret Stashes

1. “I was just really, really thirsty.”

Reddit / chefbsba

2. He can’t even look his human in the face.

Reddit / awbobsaget

3. “Back. Off.”

Instagram / darlarose

4. “I’m so ashamed…I thought I had more.”

Instagram / yvonnster88

5. At least he’s got good taste.

Reddit / Mrclean11

6. I think someone might have been plotting a kitty uprising…

Reddit / silverishdragon

7. “Don’t worry, Mr. Orange, we’ll meet again.”

Instagram / onalisonroad

8. “You mean these weren’t my Christmas presents?”

Reddit / HannahS9940

9. “Your hair looks better down anyway.”

Reddit / wat_dafuq

10. Give him 24 hours and he’ll have a new collection that’s twice as big.

Reddit / devvy_downer

11. All of his life’s savings.

Instagram / veronicaxyz

12. Hey, no one likes to eat alone.

Reddit / KX90862

13. “You’ll be thanking me when they decide to audit your taxes.”

Reddit / DeedTheInky

14. “You weren’t supposed to open the time capsule for another two years!”

Reddit / shoombabi

15. “I can quit whenever I want, okay?”

Reddit / nickynips

16. “See, it says right here: these belong to the kitty, leave her alone.”

Instagram / opals.and.abalone

17. “Like this is any worse than your purse, lady.”

Reddit / chrissydee123

18. “You told me the humans threw them away!”

Imgur / nostie

19. “Oh good, you only found half of them.”

Reddit / foREVer824

20. He has to make sure he’s not missing anything.

Instagram / donkeytiara

21. “The dog did it. I swear.”

Reddit / oicutey

22. “I will remember you…

Instagram / veronicaxyz

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